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Is Alexa Rank Important For A Blog?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012 Category : 0

Alexa Rank is measure of a blog's traffic that lets users and the blog admin know of how the blog compares to the rest of the websites in the world.Although the idea of a single rank saying whether one blog is better than an another is appealing but it is just impossible to say whether a blog is better than the other as blog's have their own niche and their style depends on the writer.

Alexa Rank seems to be something that bloggers chase after, everybody wants to be in the top 100K websites in the world, which ensures that you get a lot of money, lot of reputation and appreciation of your efforts in building a successful blog.

But, Alexa Rank has a lot of fundamental flaws which do not ensure a great accuracy when determining the ranks of blogs.So to say it in short, it is not all that important to have a great Alexa rank, it is more important to ensure that you are getting a good amount of traffic directed to your blog through organic as well as social media tactics.

Alexa rank may improve your chances if getting better advertisers and higher paying advertisers but the main thing you need to know is that the advertisers are also becoming very smart, they now know that Alexa Rank can be manipulated to a certain degree and hence it is not very reliable.

I just thought that I should share this with you guys as it was on my mind for a long time.

Alexa Rank Booster Javascript? Does it Work?

Monday, 27 August 2012 Category : 0

There are several people posing as webmasters and posting on popular webmaster forums that there are many ways to trick and manipulate your Alexa Rank.One of the most popular ways mentioned, that I saw, was the Alexa Rank Booster Javascript.They claim that playing this Javascript can Increase the Alexa Rank of any site or blog upto the 80K mark.I am not quite sure why they have said it works only till the 80K mark, but many people seem to think so.

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Here is the Javascript if you would like to use it -
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript"><!--
function reload(){
var strI=document.stored.Arrayvalue.value;
var str = new Array(20);
// insert target URLs between quote marks in array items below. 
// To add or remove the total number items in the array, add
// lines to or remove lines from the array below and
// modify the number in "Array()" above and "strI" below to
// be one greater than the last "str[]" value below.
str[1]   = "";
str[2]   = "";
str[3]   = "";
str[4]   = "";
str[5]   = "";
str[6]   = "";
str[7]   = "";
str[8]   = "";
str[9]   = "";
str[10]  = "";
str[11]  = "";
str[12]  = "";
str[13]  = "";
str[14]  = "";
str[15]  = "";
str[16]  = "";
str[17]  = "";
str[18]  = "";
str[19]  = "";

if( strI==20){
document.stored.Arrayvalue.value= strI;
var intNumber=Math.round(Math.random()*45000);

</head><body onload="reload();">
<form name="stored"><input type="Text" name="Arrayvalue" value="1"></form>
Personally I feel that none of the Alexa Rank Booster tricks and manipulations work, I do not feel that this Javascript works too, as if it did anyone with even a blog that is few days old should be able to make it to the top 5000 Alexa Ranks.

Let me know what you think about the Alexa Rank Booster Javascript, share with us your knowledge if you have used this code and let us know if it works.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Easily and Quickly?

Monday, 13 August 2012 Category : 32

Increasing Alexa Rank or improving the Alexa Rank of your blog or website can be very useful in a lot of ways which I will discuss in other posts.The process of increasing your websites Alexa Rank is not an easy one as it takes months of constant work and time.Do not expect to see a Million rank rise in Alexa Rank overnight, for me it usually took around 3 or 4 weeks for a new blog to cross the one million Alexa Rank mark, if you are able to do it earlier, then great.Now, as I am the owner of this tech blog, which has an Alexa Rank of around 40K, I can advice others who are looking to increase the Alexa Rank of their blog or website quickly.

Increase Alexa Rank

There are several simple methods, following which you can end up with a good Alexa Rank in a couple of months.Which is probably the smallest amount of time needed to increase the Alexa Rank to a good number, say below 100000.

Following the methods below can ensure you get a really good Alexa Rank soon -

1)Install Alexa Toolbar - 

Remember, only those traffic that have Alexa Toolbar installed will help you in increasing your Alexa Rank.So first of all, install the Alexa Toolbar  and visit your site a few times each and every day, this will help increase your Alexa Rank by a little if not too much.Keep your website or blog as the homepage of your browser, this will ensure that you visit it every-time you open up your browser.

2)Tell Blog Readers And Friends To Install Alexa Toolbar - 

Tell your regular blog readers and writers as well as friends who visit your site to install the Alexa toolbar, this will let their visits count for the Alexa Ranking system.This is one of the best ways to increase your Alexa Rank.If you have around 500 regular readers and all of them install the Alexa toolbar, then your blogs Alexa Rank will soon hit the 100K wihtout question.

3)Guest Post On Top Blogs -

Guest posting on top blogs which have good Alexa Rank, will ensure that some of the "Alexa Traffic" they get is redirected to you too through the link in your guest post to your blog.These blogs usually have good Alexa Rank as their readers have all installed the Alexa Toolbar.If you can tap into this source of good Alexa traffic, surely your Alexa Rank will increase without question.

4)Forum Posting - 

Make sure that you go and comment and post as many SEO, Adsense, Webmaster forums as possible, as all the people on these forums have Alexa toolbar installed, which means when they visit your site through your signatures on forums, it will count towards bettering your Alexa Rank quickly.This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve Alexa Rank.But be sure not to spam the forums as you may get banned!

5)Increase Alexa Backlinks - 

Try to increase the number backlinks you have to your blog, this will help increase your Alexa Rankings as the Alexa backlinks play a small role in the Alexa Rank of your blog or website.if you see most successful blogs with very good Alexa Rank have lots and lots of Alexa backlinks.

6)Use Alexa Widget On Your Blog - 

This is actually disputed by many webmasters whether using the Alexa widget increases your Alexa Rank or not.I personally feel that it does.I think whenever someone moves their mouse over the Alexa widget, it counts a visit.So have the Alexa Widget in a prominent position in your blog to increase your Alexa Rank.

7)Get More Alexa Reviews - 

Try to get more Alexa reviews for your blog or website, this will show that your blog is full of quality.Alexa considers Alexa Reviews as a part of ranking a blog.

So these are some of the Alexa Traffic Rank secrets that I use, If you have any other ways to increase or improve Alexa Rank, then please let us know by commenting.

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